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Automatic Transmission

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We offer a wide range of transmissions, e.g. for Ford, Chrysler, General Motors and Japanese cars.

Many transmission problems may be related to other electronic defects, such as TPS sensors, Temperature sensors, CO sensors etc. Therefor it is essential to perform a diagnostic scan before removing the powertrain from the vehicle, sometimes the problem maybe a simple speed sensor. Often speed sensors and other transmission components could have minor defects when they are relatively new. This is one reason when overhauling a transmission all updates and changes should be taken into consideration.
We have monthly bulletins, such as Tech Talk, Transmission Digest etc. to indicate changes and mistakes so that when your transmission is overhauled it is fully updated with the latest components.

We also advise our customers how to prolong the life of their transmission and when maintenance checks should be made. An example, Vehicles with tow bars normally require an extra oil cooler because of the heat created with the excessive load. Heat is one of the main reasons of transmission failure because the oil volume, thus creating clogged oil filters and reducing the pressure, resulting in burnt clutches.

We also do transmission calibration for drag racing and heavy-duty performing vehicles.

If you need a special component or transmission that's not in stock we can order it using UPS (24hrs Express Service).

We offer free code diagnosis for US. Ford, GM and Chrysler Gearboxes.


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